home projects

A simple command line websocket utility for piping messages to and from a browser. Clone it here.


A simple flexible popup dialog to run on X. Get it here.


A point to point color terminal video chat. Grab it here.

Pittsburgh Buses

A live map of where all the buses are in Pittsburgh. Check it out here.

HOG optimization

Using vector intrinsics and a caching technique, a classmate and I were able to get a HOG algorithm implementation used by Carnegie Mellon's machine vision research teams over 4 times faster on a single core. Here's the project page.


A simple plugin that allows multiuser editing on vim. Contribute code and download here.

Tech Ideas

Generate ideas! Try it out here.


A drawing site. Upload images and type text directly onto the canvas. Try it out here.

Simple Youtube

The first completed project is a simple youtube browser. You can find it here.